Icon Orthotics

Our system gets more of your impaired patients walking comfortably again.  And we have a proven record of helping runners, golfers and tennis players do better with fewer injuries. This system works as well for pediatric patients as it does for geriatric patients and for everyone in between.

Predictable, Reproducible Results

We take the guesswork out of whether the orthotics will work before you cast the patient.

Our system provides you with the ability to predict orthotic success in any given patient.

Our unique evaluative technology which takes only a few minutes then provides us with in-depth information needed to fabricate our total contact orthotics.

Faster, easier casting.

Our unique foam casting technique is cleaner, faster and more accurate than plaster casting.

Icon Orthotiocs represent a significant breakthrough in foot and total body support and realignment.  Add unsurpassed support from our Podiatrists and staff, and you’ll have more patients smiling.

About Icon Orthotics

Studies show that well over 90% of people over pronate, or have “fallen arches.” Icon Orthotics uses Structured Biomechanics to correct this all-too-typical condition.

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Why Orthotics?

Dr. Robert Levine explains the harmful effects of uncorrected over-pronation and why it must be handled as well as why a custom orthotic can be so beneficial.

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Patients who use Icon Orthotics can feel the difference in our products. From reduction of tired, achey feet, to back pain relief, read more about results from using Icon Orthotics.

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Icon Orthotics Blog

Read our online articles regarding Structured Biomechanics™ technology used to create custom orthotics that are effective in correcting adverse conditions of the bones and joints of the entire body.

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