“None of my previous orthotics matched the quality and comfort of yours. I have now returned to running for an hour every day, and the lingering 15 pounds have melted off. I can’t tell you how glad I didn’t order them off the internet. If I had, I’m sure they would have joined my fabulous collection of atrophied others.” – E.J.J.

“Before getting the orthotics put in my shoes, my back was hurting so much that I could not run without severe back pain. After getting my orthotics put in my shoes for one month I am now able to run with no pain in my back and it’s the best my back has felt in years! Thanks for fixing my back. I would of never thought it was my feet causing my back pain.” – T.C.

“I am a 78 year old male adult, diabetic with high blood pressure enjoying the great life of a 50 year old retiree living in the state of Florida. I strongly urge anyone suffering from low back pain to try Icon Orthotics® as they may lessen their low back pain as the result of a foot problem, as was in my case.” – E.J.P

“I work at a spa and my feet ached from being on them all day. After suffering for many months, I finally tried Icon Orthotics®. We discovered that the shoes I was wearing were all wrong for me. After correcting the shoes I wear and using the orthotics made especially for my feet, I am pain–free. It sure is a joy to walk without pain!” – J.K.

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