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DPM Practice Solutions is now offering a 2-day course that will give you a full understanding of Biomechanics as it applies to evaluation and orthotics. For more information, click here.

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A Few Interesting Facts About Icon Orthotics

“If you had told me 2 years ago that I would develop a biomechanical practice and technology that casted 99% of our new patients on their first visit; that we would make 282 pairs this past year working two and a half days a week; that insurance would cover less than 15% of the orthotic cost, and we would successfully raise our price $100 per pair; I would have said it couldn’t be done. Turns out it could be done, and we did it!” -RSL, DPM

Breakthrough Design for Unique Effectiveness and Reproducibility

  • Total contact orthotic for “Maximum Pronation Control”
  • Truly handmade and “tuned” to three parameters:
    • – patient weight
    • – intimate fit – full contact control (no cast correction)
    • – arch flexibility – each arch individually balanced
  • Balanced to each foot individually for personalized, optimum support
  • True biomechanical control of not only the foot but the entire lower extremity and kinetic chain – consistently helps knee and lower back problems

Unsurpassed Service and Support

  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Free casting supplies
  • Free in-house training
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Free tech support by practicing Podiatrists
  • Free office forms you can edit with your logo and for content
  • Free promotional material, brochures and print ads

A Tool to Build Your Practice, Profit and Satisfaction

  • Costs no more than many other brands
  • Generates tremendous patient referrals (as reported by working Podiatrists)
  • Enables your becoming less reliant upon insurance reimbursements
  • You can spend more time with your patients, see less routine care patients and generate more income
  • Available handouts and computer files that you can customize to your practice
  • Discounts for multiple pairs
  • 100% Product Guarantee (If not completely satisfied, return the orthotics for a full refund)
  • Build a profit center for your practice