About Icon Orthotics®

Studies show that well over 90% of people over pronate, or have “fallen arches”. This is a condition in which the natural curve of the foot becomes flat due to improper or ill-fitted shoes, as well as continually walking on paved, flat surfaces.

With time, the feet become flatter and this leads to an asymmetrical skeletal structure and can also result in foot pain, hip and knee pain, and even back pain. If uncorrected, symptoms can become so great, that many have to turn to surgery for relief. Yet many people complain of pain even after surgery. This is because the cause has not been isolated and remedied.

About Arch Supports (Shoe Inserts)

A truly effective arch support, or shoe insert, will do wonders in alleviating many podiatric conditions. Pharmacy shoe inserts, made of cheap rubber or foam will not handle the condition and in most cases are simply ineffective. A good arch support must be a bit rigid and firm, to give the foot plenty of support and stability.

Icon Orthotics® - Custom Arch SupportsThat is why Icon Orthotics® exceed other arch supports in quality, comfort and effectiveness. They are custom-made orthotics which are molded from a print of the exact form and shape of your feet. They are not made of inexpensive rubber, inlike the common variety inserts you find (Dr. Scholls, WalkFit, NRS, and others).

Through a proprietary system, these custom arch supports are manufactured and tailored to each patient, for a superb and unique fit, allowing comfort and true effectiveness. The results, simply put, are truly amazing. Many have said that within just 2 weeks, they are walking pain-free and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.


Hundreds of individuals suffering from foot pain, back and knee pain, hip pain, and various foot-related conditions have benefited from using Icon Orthotics®. View their testimonials and see the results for yourself.

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